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I have four of the two by two units mounted to the front of my truck replacing my factory lamps. They are awesome.

---William MacLachlan

They'd never seen lights like what are on the Jeep before, and all I heard was "OH MY GOD!!" while heading down forest service roads. (I have a 30" on the bumper and a 40" on the roof rack) The Jeep was parked, and we picked berries with the 40" bar on. It was like daytime in front of the Jeep to a half mile. They still talk about picking berries at "high noon" at midnight in the otherwise pitch black woods.

--- Craig

Here's a few photos of two of your SR series bars, a 30" and 40" on my Jeep Commander. Together with HID's in the fog lamps, and PIAA's in the headlights, the amount of light blasting forward is absolutely mind blowing.

The Stonehenge shot is a replica near Maryhill Washington near the junction of highway 14 and US 97. The thing is a couple hundred feet across, so needless to say, ordinary headlights would never do THAT! I'm parked about a football field away from it in the picture.

Right now, I'm thinking of installing one on my Chrysler 300. I'm debating on cutting out the lower front facia and flush mounting maybe a 30" bar, or going stealth behind the grill. That project is going to happen soon. Thanks for making a great product.

--- Craig Ueltzen

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Totron specializes in LED lighting products for Vehicular, Industrial, Architectural and Commercial applications, such as LED Light Bars, LED Driving Lights, LED Work Lights, LED Searchlights, etc. Our products are widely used as Heavy equipment lighting, Agricultural machinery Lighting, such as Truck Lights, Forklift Lights, Marine Lights, Crane Lights, Road Roller Lights, Harvester Lights, etc.

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