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Private Label Service

Totron offers Private Label Service(ODM/OEM). This means we not only offer custom branding options for our product lines, we also offer fully-customizable solutions from the foundational design onward.

Choose from multiple styles, materials, and customize the internals of each unit from the LED chips to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. We're here to create the most high-end solutions that will set your business above the competition.

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About Totron

Totron specializes in LED lighting products for Vehicular, Industrial, Architectural and Commercial applications, such as LED Light Bars, LED Driving Lights, LED Work Lights, LED Searchlights, etc. Our products are widely used as Heavy equipment lighting, Agricultural machinery Lighting, such as Truck Lights, Forklift Lights, Marine Lights, Crane Lights, Road Roller Lights, Harvester Lights, etc.

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